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college park fl restaurants - So if you've got any dietary requirements, always let them know when you buy your drink. You'll get a different tapa with your 2nd beverage, and so on etc. If you're paying for tapas, then you'll have a menu to pick from. If you're not sure how things work in the area or bar you're in then do not be shy. Possibly fittingly for a food commonly enjoyed with a drink, tapas has less a set history than a collection of elaborate tales, perhaps as lots of as the regions of Spain itself. Among the most popular stories claims that, back in the 13th century, King Alfonso X of Castille discovered that, while he was recuperating from a health problem, he might just eat and consume in percentages resulting in one of the very first types of tapas.
Another story states that his much later 19th-century name, Alfonso XIII, once ordered wine in a popular tavern in Cadiz.